Testimonal from Bernie

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I was a 43 year obese mother of two young boys with horrific back and sciatic pain.  A disc operation left me recovering at home limiting my movement but not my eating.

I knew the first step in getting my life back was to look at one on one Pilates and after much research found Belinda, a specialist in back care Pilates.  Slowly but surely she re-built my confidence and helped reduce my back pain significantly.

Belinda is amazing to work with.  She really listens to what’s going on, every pain and creak and responds brilliantly, working each core area based on changing weekly needs.  Creating programmes for me on holiday and texting me encouragement to continue at home when she knew the pain was bad.

Belinda also knew I was ashamed of my weight. The pressure it was putting on my back and the fact I didn’t want my boys to have the fat mum on the school run.  My clothes were black and baggy – my love of fashion gone.  I could ignore the mirrors at home, but not in her Pilates studio.  Every week when I looked at myself I was disgusted.

Meanwhile Belinda became an ambassador for Arbonne a healthy and natural nutrition programme and quietly encouraged me to give it a go. Of course I was cynical; there hasn’t been a diet I haven’t tried.

So on New Years Day 2014 I weighed myself at 12st 8lb (am only 5ft 2in).  For the month of January I just kept a diary via the ‘My Fitness Pal’ app, recording every morsel that went into my mouth (and doing it honestly).  Shocking is an understatement, I was often racking up 3000 calories before dinner!

On the 1st February I embarked on the Arbonne 30 day detox programme.  I’m a born giver upper but Belinda was constantly on my case – phoning and texting encouragement – daily.  It was almost like she had some spooky sense my hand was in the crisp cupboard.  By the end of February I’d lost 4lb.

Fast forward six months and continuing using Arbonne products, tailored to my own needs, I had lost over 3st weighing in at just over 9st.  My weight loss had been gradual and healthy. Losing two pounds most weeks, sometimes just one means my weight has maintained, unlike the many previous attempts.

I now have a whole new wardrobe a whole new confidence and recently had one of the best holidays of my life with my husband and boys, for the first time in ten years proud of my figure.

Thanks Belinda for changing my life!!!

Testimonal from Bernie