Get ready for summer with one-on-one Pilates coaching

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Many people lead sedentary lives during the cold winter months, but when summer arrives there is less excuse to not stay fit. One-on-one Pilates coaching provides a fitness plan that is tailored to your immediate body and fitness goals. The flexible, adaptable system offer multiple benefits, from promoting the development of long and lean muscle to easing back pain and improving posture.


Why one-on-one Pilates?
Pilates group classes are popular, but in a group setting you do not get the extended individual attention that will help you master Pilates exercises and good form quickly. In a private class, you can work at your ideal pace and your instructor will be able to correct any negative physical habits even quicker. If you are serious about getting in shape for summer, a private class can be your personal boot camp.


Why is Pilates the ideal fitness solution for summer?
Summer usually means a time of increased outdoor activity. Besides helping you look your best in more revealing clothing, Pilates helps you develop your core. This internal muscle system is responsible for absorbing shocks and transferring force, and a stronger core can help to reduce risk of injury when you are more active and spend more time outdoors.


Other preparatory measures for summer
Besides a physical fitness routine, it is worth investing in other aspects of health and beauty so that you can start your summer off feeling fantastic. Plant-powered skincare and cosmetics are kind to skin that has been subjected to the harsh winter weather. Supplementing your diet with plant-based supplements that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants will also help to ward off the passing illnesses that often arrive with a change in seasons.


Combine good nutrition, a holistic Pilates fitness plan and a summer-ready beauty regimen and you will enter the warmer months feeling reinvigorated and prepared. 

Contact Belinda here to find out more about private Pilates classes and Arbonne skincare, supplements and cosmetics that are packed with the nutritious power of plants. 


Being Mindful: Pilates and Mindfulness

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“The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit” – Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a series of slow, defined exercises carried out on both the mat and resistance equipment.  The exercises should be performed correctly, taking the time to establish the technique rather than rushing through them.

Everyone who participates in a Pilates class knows just how much there is to think about; breathing, using the right muscles and relaxing the others, listening to the instructor and so on.  This can feel a little overwhelming at first but it is normal and will get easier as the body learns the new ways of doing things.  When you are thinking of all those things, you are in the moment, living it and doing it – there is no time to think of anything else…  However, by the end of your class, you will feel energised and calm.monica-mccarthy-2

The breathing method used in a Pilates exercise encourages relaxation and has been shown to improve moods and reduce anxiety.  Using the breath will activate and energise the muscles and as you bring your attention to your body, you will be able to execute the movements precisely, with control and mindfulness.

Mindfulness is an important state of being to strive for at all times. Mindfulness means being fully present in the moment, not projecting yourself into anticipated future fears or dwelling too much on any past disappointments.

Do you need help to progress towards being mindful? Contact Envigour Pilates to book an appointment.


Pilates for lower back pain (LBP)

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Back pain is a very common cause of disability and absence from work. Exercise is often recommended as a way of managing chronic LBP especially Pilates which is increasingly used by people with LBP.

So what is the effect of Pilates on LBP in terms of muscle endurance or range of motion? Pilates quite simply improves muscle strength, joint movement and balance. Strength, mobility and balance are needed when doing sport and leisure activities, as well as everyday living such at washing, dressing, shopping, working and being able to sit/stand with ideal posture.


People with back pain sometimes avoid moving and doing exercise due to the fear of making things worse, which can quickly result in the loss of muscle strength and joint movement. This in turn will have a negative impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

Pilates exercises can start at a very low level and progress to a much higher level of exercise and the role of your teacher is to educate and alleviate why you may have ongoing pain. Attending a class can help lessen any fear associated with movement, correct any poor movement habits and postures, and teach ways to improve how the body performs at home, work and in sport.

Being able to move more easily will help people to do activities to maintain and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Pilates is more effective than most other forms of exercise for those with low back pain that do pilates on a regular basis ; whether the exercise is delivered as a class or 1:1, any exercise to be beneficial needs to be started at the right level for the individual, and be repeated on a regular basis.

Remember, Pilates is one of the few exercise types that you can perform every day without the worries of over-stressing the joints, skeletal structure, or soft tissue.

Pilates – Effective Exercise for Older Adults

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Keeping physically fit is essential for good health at every age. Yet as your body matures, there naturally comes some loss of flexibility and stability. This is frustrating for many mature men and women, yet mobility can be improved using Pilates. This movement therapy has long been a staple of ballet schools due to the support it provides for building core strength and easing stiff joints. Here are some of the key advantages of Pilates for older adults:

  1. It’s a gentler, low-impact exercise option

As you grow older, higher impact sports as a means for keeping fit become less practical (and even impossible). Any existing joint problems (such as the onset of arthritis) are worsened by strenuous, high-impact exercise. Pilates, however, is low-impact. This means that it provides far fewer jolts and shocks to your joints than exercise such as jogging.

  1. Pilates helps older adults suffering from age-related ailments

Many older adults suffer from back pain or osteoporosis. Pilates works to correct posture and build core strength, and this helps to improve back alignment and ease other painful conditions. It’s even thought to ease multiple sclerosis and help with the stroke recovery process.

  1. It also improves balance and coordination

A further benefit of Pilates for older adults is that it helps to maintain balance, stability and coordination. Many injuries among mature men and women result from falls. Regular Pilates practice leads to steadier legs, however, decreasing the chance of losing balance and taking a tumble.

  1. Pilates is flexible and adaptable

Exercise-related injuries occur most often due to incorrect use of equipment or the individual not being in good enough physical condition to perform the activity. One of the advantages of Pilates for older adults is that it can be adapted to individual needs.

If you want a gentler form of exercise that will ease stiffness and boost stability, try Pilates. Contact Belinda today for information on classes for older adults.