What Will Happen in a Reiki Session

During your Reiki sessions, which usually lasts for about an hour, Belinda will place her hands on or above a particular place(s) on your body (fully clothed while you relax on a Reiki table, similar to a massage table).   Reiki is not a type of massage, since hands are not touching your body but simply drawn by your energy. Reiki is a method in which universal life-force energy is channelled through the practitioner to the recipient for his or her highest and best good.  Reiki is “intelligent energy”, as it goes to where the recipient needs it most.

reiki-healingAll that is needed to make the most of your session is an open mind to the possibility that it will be of help, and a desire for positive change.  Reiki is effective Belinda has never experienced anyone who hasn’t enjoyed it or felt more positive after a course of sessions.  *

Many of my clients excitedly tell me of their significant physical and emotional pain relief and healing after receiving my Reiki Healing sessions with increased mental clarity and peace.  Others explain to me their spiritual insights and personal  feelings of growth after receiving Reiki.

Some of my clients tell me of their healing on all levels.  At a minimum, you will find the sessions very calming yet rejuvenating.  Often, you will fall asleep and awake feeling refreshed and recharged.

My Reiki Healing Centre can be found in Woodford Green, Essex, conveniently serving clients in and around London and within the M25 orbital.

To learn more about how Reiki can help you achieve your goals, please call Belinda for a free telephone consultation, or send us an email to book your session here.


You can expect significant Results within 6 Weeks if 3 sessions are taken in this time period*

What happens in a Reiki Session

You will be welcomed warmly by Belinda in to a room full of beautiful aromas and healing energy.  

With her highly developed energy skills and intuition, Belinda will swathe in your energy fields, allowing her to gather and assess information about your whole beings.

Belinda will start the session by discussing the health/emotional issues you’ve been experiencing and explore and discuss possible causes of the disparities.

You will be asked to relax on a Reiki table, similar to a massage table and Belinda will explain what to expect.   She’ll  then place her hands on the legs, arms, abdomen and head, sending the Reiki energy through her hands into you. Your job is to simply to relax to allow the energy in and be ready to let your issues settle and let the session begin.  

141110-reiki-stockWhen the healing session is complete, Belinda will close the auric field and then discuss what you both experienced. Toxins are released during the session, so you’ll be required to drink plenty of water  for the remainder of the day and Belinda will contact you within a week to find out how you are feeling and to book in the next session.  *

Belinda was trained by Nina Kaur, a long time healer who has participated in numerous studies on Reiki energy and its effectiveness.  Nina  provides her students with invaluable information and experience on combining Reiki and how it benefits western medicine, and using essential oils and sound and healing crystals.

Reiki is often used to compliment or expedite healing while undergoing western medical sessions and it is becoming more and more recognised throughout the UK.

You can expect significant Results within 6 Weeks if 3 sessions are taken in this time period*



*Results are based on clients coming 3-4 times during a 6 week period.  You can expect significant Results within 6 Weeks if 3-4 sessions are taken in this time period*

Results are based on the individual progress and not the same for everyone. Healings are therapeutic in nature and not meant to take the place of any physical or mental health medical sessions.