Our post natal classes offer one of the safest and most effective ways to strengthen, realign and get back into shape after having a baby. It quickens postpartum recovery and strengthens the body and mind for the new demands of motherhood. It’s also important as a new mother, whether first time round, or second or third, to take time out and give yourself mental, emotional and physical self-love after everything you have been through! Remember your body has just been through nine months of change to look after and care for your baby that was growing safety inside you.

When you start to exercise after birth will very much vary on how you feel. Ideally you should wait until you have had your 6-week check with the midwife and have been given the all clear to exercise. This can still be too early for some Mothers, it all depends on your delivery and how you feel.

Some new Mums may choose to start exercising earlier especially if they were active throughout their pregnancy and had no complications.  We would recommend that you contact us for a consultation before starting to exercise if you’re in doubt.

You have probably been told, or are aware, that your Pelvic Floor has been placed under a lot of stress for the past 9 months.  Regardless of when you decide to start a full exercise plan you can start your pelvic floor exercises whenever you feel ready.  Contact us for more information on Pelvic Floor exercises.