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Meet the Envigour Pilates Team…



Having spent the past 20 years modelling, Chloe has always used pilates as a way of staying in shape. “I had to maintain a constant weight and pilates helped sculpt my body to become strong and lean without bulking up”. Chloe’s hobby is now her passion and she enjoys seeing her clients strength and body awareness improve with every lesson.




My name is Natalie Cunningham and I am a fully qualified Polestar Pilates UK Mat Practitioner. After suffering from years of back and hip pain, I finally found relief with Pilates. My passion and enthusiasm for Pilates and my belief in its ability to positively impact people’s lives is demonstrated in my practice. I have witnessed the power of Pilates and its benefits both physically and mentally. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.




Figen has always been interested in the movement of the body and fascinated by the relationship between body and mind. She tried a variety of exercise classes, but after her first Pilates session it was clear this was different than anything she’d tried before. It didn’t take her long to become a believer as she saw how the practice transformed her posture, strength, body awareness, as well as her mind and spirit. After practicing Pilates for 2 years Figen decided to deepen her understanding and share it with others. She trained to become a Pilates practitioner completing her training with Polestar Pilates.

Figen truly loves sharing her passion. She has a dedication for physical health and a genuine love for helping her clients to achieve their full potential. Helping them to develop body awareness and strength and transforming poor everyday movement patterns to the right way. These small changes make a huge difference in functional movement and daily life.

Sessions with Figen are never the same. Figen teaching Pilates because the method works, when people are consistent with their Pilates practice they are no longer downed by injuries or illness and can therefore go about with their daily life’s because they have invited pilates into their worlds.

She looks forward to meeting you all soon at Envigour Pilates.




I have been practicing yoga for about 18 years in some shape or form. Having my first baby made me realise that I had to invest in myself to ensure I could show up more effectively for my family. Throughout this time period yoga became such a treat for me and having a growing family, as well as a demanding job in the city, it became an essential part of my life. So much so that I decided to train as a yoga teacher in 2015 with the world renowned Katy Appleton. Before this training I really saw yoga as lovely way to move your body, but throughout this intensive course it became so much more. Once this box was opened for me I found it impossible to shut and I went on to immerse myself fully into the world of yoga and teaching.The style of yoga I teach is Vinyasa flow, which means linking postures together to form short sequences that can be constantly changed and played around with. The result is a dynamic, rejuvenating session focusing on movement, breath, and safe alignment. I pride myself on creating new classes each which link breath body and spirit so that anyone attending will learn more about works for their own individual sense of self. I love teaching at Envigour and I look forward to meeting you all on the mat very soon.



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Clare will teach you to move your spine and body in an efficient way to help with every aspect of your daily life. Her classes are upbeat, dynamic and fun.

Her life has always incorporated fitness. In her earlier years, she was a member of the Great Britain diving team, winning bronze at the Junior Europeans. She began her fitness career as an exercise to music instructor and completed her Pilates training with Polestar Pilates.

10 years ago, after being diagnosed with arthritis of her lumbar spine she discovered Pilates. She was suffering from back pain on a daily basis, incorporating Pilates into her fitness routine has made her spine feel twenty years younger.



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Irena is a qualified mat and pre and postnatal Pilates teacher.

As Joseph Pilates said “Contrology (now known as the Pilates method) is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” If you would like a deeper body, mind and spirit connection, then Irena’s classes are for you.

She is passionate about empowering clients to listen to their bodies and instincts, to build sustainable and safe strategies for movement, and to explore ways to prevent/release pains and aches, not just during Pilates, but in everyday life and during labour and birthing.