Class Descriptions

Healthy Backs:  If you are looking at back pain prevention then this is the class for you.  This class will give you a gentle, balanced workout with the focus on strengthening the core abdominals that do so much to support your back, improve the quality of your movements and keep your spine flexible and strong.

Privates:  This is a bespoke program that is all about you and your goals.  Belinda will draw from her 18 years of experience as a Master Teacher and Lower Back Pain Specialist to reach your goals working with a combination of studio equipment, small props, and floor work.  Be prepared to receive homework!

Beginners:  The perfect class for beginners and people who have been doing Pilates for under 6 months regularly.  In this small group of 5, you will be working with an experienced teacher using a range of small props and your body resistance.

Improvers:  The ideal class for anyone that has attended at least 6 beginners classes and has grasped the basic principles.   In this small class of 5, you will be working with an experienced teacher using a range of small props and your body weight for resistance.

Intermediate:  This class is designed for clients that understand the principals of Pilates and are looking for that extra challenge and want flow.  A few advanced exercises are thrown in for the fun of it for those that can.

Ballet Barre: integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio and strength training and is designed to emphasise the correct biomechanics of movement combined with the power of music to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. No dance experience required and suitable for clients that want to get back into some form of cardio with all the benefits of Pilates. You will use small weights and equipment to challenge your workout.  The results are sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted sea, and elongated thighs, and like pilates, it will improve posture, muscle definition and help tone all over.

High-Intensity Pilates: offers a dynamic exercise regime. HIP is for those clients familiar with Pilates and will challenge you even further.  You will increase your heart rate and improve circulation. Aerobic exercise burns fat, improves your mood and strengthens the heart and lungs. You will improve your gross motor skills, balance, coordination, real life replication, bone health and get those endorphins stimulated to give you that feel good factor.  It’s challenging and fun and based on functional work such as squats, standing, plank, lying and stretching. The class includes a warm up, high-intensity section, matwork section and stretch section.  This beginners class is aimed as an introduction to HIP looking at technique, alignment & alternatives to fit the client (so don’t be scared of the word plank).  If you have no pilates experience but would like to join then contact the studio first!

Postnatal classes: An ideal class for 6 weeks after the birth of your baby up until your baby is 18 months old.  We look at supporting your body back to pre-pregnancy and ready to meet the demands of Motherhood.

Antenatal classes: A lovely gentle yet challenging Pilates class designed to support you during the pregnancy and prepare you for the birth and after.  Suitable for trimester 2 & 3 so anytime after your 12-week scan.

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