Calming Mind, Body and Spirit

hot-stone-stackThe energy of Reiki healing helps to expand  the physical tension and calms the mind. As this occurs, our bodies can reset into a more centred state. The more this state is supported, the more it begins to enlighten us. An energy healing session with Belinda  clears the body’s natural energy pathways, ultimately lifting its vibratory state into a place of balance and wellbeing.

Most people experience an increased sense of well-being, manifesting in many ways, such as an overall sense of peace and relaxation, expansion of consciousness, shifting self-defeating patterns, and opening to a fresh perspective on one’s life.

Belinda will empower you to self-heal by showing you how to identify your core triggers and patterns which are keeping you from getting un-stuck.   Help you to discover and clear energetic imbalances in your own body and provide strategies to improve your wellbeing.

Belinda’s healing sessions include energy analysis, the clearing of imbalances, spiritual coaching, and Reiki healing and supportive lifestyle strategies. This powerful combination helps you overcome your obstacles more effectively and often restores you to a more balanced life within 6 weeks*.



*Results are based on clients coming 3-4 times during a 6 week period.  You can expect significant Results within 6 Weeks if 3-4 sessions are taken in this time period*

Results are based on the individual progress and not the same for everyone. Healings are therapeutic in nature and not meant to take the place of any physical or mental health medical sessions.

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