Better eating for Healthier Living – Get your ‘5 a day’

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Healthy eating is about learning to trust your body and finding that subtle balance between what the media says and how your body actually feels. What better way to get healthy than incorporating healthy eating alongside the never ending benefits of Pilates? I want to inspire you to be the happiest healthiest versions of yourself (and you can’t maintain the body you want eating food you shouldn’t be).

A busy schedule and multiple commitments make it easy to skip meals or opt for take-away, cakes and other tempting meals. A balanced diet, however, consists of slow-releasing energy ensuring better health and longevity. If you want to get into the habit of better eating, find a way to make sure you get your ‘5 a day’.

When life gets hectic, your diet is usually the first thing to go. The truth is junk food is more accessible than healthy options. So you have to stay prepared.

The World Health Organisation advises that people should eat a minimum of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables daily to maintain optimal health and reduce risk of serious conditions such as heart disease. This amounts to roughly 5 portions of fruit and vegetables daily. This might sound like a lot, but a small container of fruit salad or a helping of lightly steamed spinach or broccoli is enough for a single portion.vegetarian_diet1

Where will I find the time to prepare all this food?

Although having 5 portions of healthy food mapped out for your day may sound like a lot, many fruits and vegetables require hardly any preparation at all. Bananas are high in potassium, while oranges are high in vitamin C. These easy-to-eat fruits you can alternate with vegetables such as carrots, sweet tomatoes and leafy salad greens that require almost no preparation whatsoever.

Shortcuts for getting your ‘5 a day’

Nutritional balance has many advantages – besides warding off serious medical conditions, it also provides greater energy to sustain you throughout the day. To minimise the work involved in ensuring you get your 5 portions, consider:

· Dried fruit: dates are particular nutritious, and many berries such as cranberries are superfoods that provide great antioxidants

· Health juices: Supermarkets and delis sell convenient ready-to-drink fruit and veggie juices that are packed with nutrients and avoid the excessive sugar and salt that you will find in the average fast food meal.

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