2017 New Year’s Resolution (mine) what’s yours?

  • New Year - Fresh Start

Every year I write down one overall goal for the year and then I write down 10 steps to achieve that goal. I am reading a really helpful book given to me by a dear friend called Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy – Sarah Ban Breathnach, which I recommend to get some headspace and some me time, let’s face it we all need it.

So this year I want to be happy (ier).bm036-300x300

Be grateful. Don’t take anything for granted.

Stop comparing myself to others. Be the best version of ME!

Get rid of the negativity. Find the silver lining.

Surround myself with people who make me feel good and inspire me to be better.

Find new activities that make me smile. Stop engaging in behaviours that don’t.

Continue to be active. Endorphins….(word of the month endorphin – any of a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. They are peptides which activate the body's opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect)

Learn to forgive…myself and others.

Compliment and more importantly accept compliments.

Make a conscious decision to be happy.

Do more Pilates!

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