5 benefits of ZEN*GA – mindful movement for health

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As we grow into our adulthood, we often acquire ways of carrying or holding tension in our bodies that are counterintuitive. Mindful movement can help to undo these problems and create greater flexibility and ease.

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This is the principle underlying ZEN*GA, a mindful   movement approach that combines elements of yoga, Pilates, dance and toning exercises.

Here are 5 benefits of learning and practicing ZEN*GA:

  1. ZEN*GA improves balance within body and mind

Mindful movement is two-fold: It is used to promote physical strength and resilience but it is also used to promote mental calm and inner balance. ZEN*GA uses flowing exercises and graceful movements that tone the body using natural resistance. In the process, mind and body are brought into better dialogue and alignment.

  1. It also burns calories

Even though ZEN*GA is calming in effect, it still provides a complete workout that helps to burn calories and rejuvenate. ZEN*GA fitness routines can be carried out using standard Pilates equipment or can be performed on a mat using toning balls – it depends on your needs and your instructor’s specialization.

  1. It improves core stability

Another benefit of ZEN*GA is that it increases core stability. A strong core is essential for maintaining good posture which in turn will give you a good back for life if you keep up your practice. ZEN*GA is a holistic fitness and mindfulness approach that incorporates breathing, and having a strong core will aid you in breathing correctly for good health.

  1. ZEN*GA promotes presence

Modern life can be rushed and full of stress. One of ZEN*GA’s greatest benefits is how it trains you to be present and engaged in even the simplest, smallest movement. When you are focused on how the mind and body work together to produce movement, you are able to increase your attention span and zone out less.

  1. ZEN*GA promotes youthfulness and resilience

If you’re often tired and listless, ZEN*GA is an ideal mindful movement approach to incorporate into your lifestyle. The combination of dynamic movement with healthy breathing and core development will help you to feel more energised and youthful. The whole-body toning of ZEN*GA practice means that you are able to burn calories even while engaging in a calming and centering form of exercise.

If you are interested in experiencing all this mindful movement technique can teach you, join a beginner’s class today.

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