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Keeping physically fit is essential for good health at every age. Yet as your body matures, there naturally comes some loss of flexibility and stability. This is frustrating for many mature men and women, yet mobility can be improved using Pilates. This movement therapy has long been a staple of ballet schools due to the support it provides for building core strength and easing stiff joints. Here are some of the key advantages of Pilates for older adults:

  1. It’s a gentler, low-impact exercise option

As you grow older, higher impact sports as a means for keeping fit become less practical (and even impossible). Any existing joint problems (such as the onset of arthritis) are worsened by strenuous, high-impact exercise. Pilates, however, is low-impact. This means that it provides far fewer jolts and shocks to your joints than exercise such as jogging.

  1. Pilates helps older adults suffering from age-related ailments

Many older adults suffer from back pain or osteoporosis. Pilates works to correct posture and build core strength, and this helps to improve back alignment and ease other painful conditions. It’s even thought to ease multiple sclerosis and help with the stroke recovery process.

  1. It also improves balance and coordination

A further benefit of Pilates for older adults is that it helps to maintain balance, stability and coordination. Many injuries among mature men and women result from falls. Regular Pilates practice leads to steadier legs, however, decreasing the chance of losing balance and taking a tumble.

  1. Pilates is flexible and adaptable

Exercise-related injuries occur most often due to incorrect use of equipment or the individual not being in good enough physical condition to perform the activity. One of the advantages of Pilates for older adults is that it can be adapted to individual needs.

If you want a gentler form of exercise that will ease stiffness and boost stability, try Pilates. Contact Belinda today for information on classes for older adults.